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Are you looking for a rewarding and stimulating experience?

Join our team of volunteers and contribute to the success of the JFCNO.

The organizing committee is looking for dynamic and committed people to help it organize and implement the various components of the event.


– Discover the different sectors and available positions below.

– Complete the volunteer registration form.

– Complete an application for a criminal background check.

– Send an electronic portrait/passport style photo (head and shoulder) to

– Participate in mandatory training (more information to come).

– Obtain your accreditation and your volunteer kit according to the schedule at the volunteer center.

– Take part in the JFCNO!


Discover the positions available in each sector.



Basketball referee

  • Enforce the rules of the discipline during the competition;
  • Enforce competition schedules;
  • Announce faults;
  • Take decisions on any claim and manage disputes;
  • Validate points;
  • Experience required.

Minor officials (line judge, scorekeeper, timekeeper, control table) 

Under the supervision of the referees or the facilitator:

  • Indicate to the referee the faults such as balls in play or out of play and foot faults;
  • Complete game sheets and make changes as needed;
  • Enter the points as validated by the referees;
  • Ensure the compilation of results;
  • Ensure the safety of participants.

Cross-country course attendant

  • Ensure a presence at the various checkpoints on the course;
  • Encourage participants;
  • Ensure the safety of participants.


Attendant for arts competitions (visual arts, culinary arts and/or music)

  • Under the instructions of the trainers or lead, help prepare the room and equipment;
  • Ensure the cleanliness of the room;
  • Assist participants as needed.

Improvisation competition officer

  • Assists participants and trainers during training;
  • Ensures the cleanliness of the room;
  • During competitions, welcome and guide the public in the room;
  • Ensure the silence of the public during the competition;
  • Distribute voting cards and count public votes;
  • Under the supervision of the referee, ensure that stars, penalties and results are counted.


Leadership competitions attendant

  • Under the instructions of the trainer or lead, help prepare the room and equipment;
  • Ensure the cleanliness of the room;
  • Assist participants as needed;
  • Assist the lead in all other tasks required for the competition.

    LogistiCAL SUPPORT AND participant services

    Drivers (cube van and courtesy car)

    • Ensure the collection of participants’ luggage at the airport and deliver it to the accommodation site;
    • Help participants load their luggage on the bus as needed;
    • Ensure the transport of goods and people according to logistical needs;
    • Must have a valid driver’s license.

      Logistics and Infrastructure Attendant

      • Assist in the installation and dismantling of the various sites;
      • Assist in the movement of equipment to the various sites according to logistical needs;
      • Ensure the cleanliness of the premises;
      • Ensure the proper functioning of refueling points;
      • If necessary, accompany a driver to transport equipment.

      Security and access control Attendant

      • Check accreditations at the various access points and guide participants, volunteers and members of the public as needed;
      • Provide general monitoring of the site and inform the lead persons as needed;
      • In the event of an emergency, ensure the implementation of appropriate procedures.

      Food Service Attendant

      • Assist the caterer in setting up stations and serving meals;
      • Check the accreditations of the participants and perforate them if necessary;
      • Manage meal lines and ensure fluid circulation;
      • Ensure the cleanliness of the premises, clean the tables and empty the garbage cans as needed;
      • Ensure the proper functioning of the dishwashing station;
      • Ensure the distribution of snacks and verify accreditation for snacks meeting dietary restrictions.

      sociocultural PROGRAMMing

      Parade and ceremonies Attendant

      • Ensure the smooth running of the parade, guide, supervise and ensure the safety of the participants;
      • Carry a delegation banner during the parade (if required).

        Socio-cultural evenings Attendant

        • Welcome participants to activities and answer questions;
        • Help prepare areas for the evening (moving equipment as needed);
        • Ensure the cleanliness of the premises;
        • Supervise participants during evening activities;
        • Ensuring the safety of participants;
        • Help the organizers with any other task necessary for the smooth running of the evening.

          JFCNO Village Attendant

          • Check accreditations and control access to areas;
          • Ensure the cleanliness of the different areas of the village;
          • Assist the team with all other tasks.


          Photographer and videographer

          • Ensure the taking of photos and videos for the documentation of the event and the promotion on social networks;
          • Must have experience in the field.

            Content creator – social media

            • Ensure social media coverage of the event, including posting photos, videos and real-time updates.



              • Write content for various communication channels including mobile app, newsletters, press releases and public announcements.

                Signage Attendant

                • Ensure the installation of signage, banners and flags to help participants and partners find their way around the event site.


                  Accreditation attendant

                  • Prepare accreditations in all stages of creation in the weeks preceding the games;
                  • Welcome participants and volunteers during the welcome day, tour the premises and answer questions;
                  • Distribute accreditations to participants and replace lost or incorrect accreditations;
                  • Prepare kits for participants and volunteers.

                  Volunteer’s central attendant

                  • Welcome and guide people who come to the volunteer center;
                  • Respond to requests from volunteers and ensure their well-being;
                  • Ensure the supply of the room with snacks and refreshments;
                  • To ensure the maintenance of the room;
                  • Ensure the reassignment of volunteers as needed.

                  JFCNO Kiosk Attendant

                  • Ensure a presence on the site of the games and answer questions concerning the competitions, the place of the competitions, the activities offered at the games village and the programming schedule;
                  • Ensure that signage needs on campus are met and inform the person in charge as needed.


                  Who can volunteer?

                  The JFCNO is an event BY and FOR young people! We invite anyone aged 14 and over who wishes to contribute to the influence of the Francophonie among Canadian youth to register. Young people under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

                  How does the criminal records check work?

                  Validation of criminal records is mandatory in order to preserve the physical and psychological integrity of participants who are minors.

                  Residents of British Columbia will be able to do this verification online with the access code that will be provided to them when their registration form is completed. This process is free.

                  For volunteers residing elsewhere in Canada, they can report to the RCMP office or their local police office. A letter of attestation of volunteer involvement can be provided if necessary. Please make your request to our manager at

                  What are the dates of volunteer involvement?

                  The competitions take place from July 11 to 15, 2023. Participants will arrive on July 10 and leave on July 16.

                  The majority of positions are for competition days, but the organization will have needs in the weeks preceding the games as well as when participants arrive and leave.

                  Candidates interested in supporting the organizing committee before the games are invited to indicate their availability in the registration form in the appropriate section.

                  At what time do the working days start and end?

                  Working hours vary by position and sectors. Shifts are usually divided into morning (7 a.m. to 12 p.m.), afternoon (12 p.m. to 5 p.m.) and evening (5 p.m. to 11 p.m.). The times are given as an indication only because certain sectors such as food services have specific needs to meet the needs of participants.

                  Where should I show up?

                  Most competitions are held at Oak Bay High located in

                  2121 Cadboro Bay Rd. Victoria BC, V8R 5G4.

                  Some competitions are held away from the main competition site.

                  For volunteers who will need to travel to a location other than Oak Bay High School, meeting location information will be shared with you when you receive your schedule.

                  Are meals provided?

                  Snacks and beverages will be available in the volunteer lounge. A meal will be offered to volunteers who do a full day of work.

                  The organizing committee will try to offer a variety of options to meet the needs of volunteers. Given the complexity of certain food allergies and restrictions, the organizing committee does not guarantee that all needs will be met. Please contact the volunteer manager if you have any questions or concerns about this.

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